4 Tried-And-Tested Methods How To Pass A Drug Test (2024)

“Alright, Johnson, you’ve got the job, congratulations”, your future/current boss says, “the only thing left is the drug test on Monday. You’re OK with that, right?”. Of course, you respond with “Yes, no problem,” while holding “Oh f*ck!” deep down in yourself because you have no idea how to pass a drug test (and you’re pissing hot).

When you have an impending drug test coming up, the worst we can do is to feel powerless and allow our cannabis use to dislodge our lives. You are not powerless; you have all the tools of how to pass a drug test at your disposal.

We are here to help out everybody who has a looming drug test on Monday, in a week, in 2 weeks, or even a month from now. We all are well aware that passing a drug test is not the easiest thing in the world.

Here’s the deal:

What we do know even better are the consequences of failing a drug test. Everybody has something to lose – job, future employment, ‘future’ in general – and one thing at least is clear; you are not alone in this.

urine specimens in the process of being tested with ph meter for marijuana
Urine specimens in the process of being tested for marijuana content.

If you just smoked one joint to see how it is, you needn’t worry much; a week is more than enough for the weed to leave your system. On the other hand, even heavy chronic marijuana smokers can pass a urine drug test in 2 days.

There are several methods of passing a drug test. We will look at the 4 most effective methods of passing a drug test that works consistently and (almost) without a fault. Some can take a lot of time and sweating, others can be expensive and the most popular one is, despite being the most effective one, the most awkward.

We will also cover how to check if you are already testing negative now or how to check that if you will test negative after 5 days of detox, for example.

However, you really have to be smart when choosing the best method of how to pass a drug test. If you can pass a 5-panel drug test just by drinking water, you don’t really need an effective but expensive THC detox program.

That’s why, before choosing the best method to pass a drug test, you have to ask yourself ‘How long will it take for me to pass a drug test?’.

Let’s find out:

How Long Does It Take To Pass A Drug Test?

First, let’s clear things up: We are going to talk about a drug test that more than 80% of people take. That’s a standardized urine drug test for THC. THC, of course, is the active ingredient in marijuana and it is its derivative THC-COOH that shows up in a drug test.

For people who smoke weed, it takes anywhere from 0 to 40 days to pass a drug test. That’s quite a range there – and you really need to figure out if you are a week away from pissing clean or a month away.

For all first-time smokers who are sweating thinking that you’ll fail a drug test you have in two weeks, just relax. A single joint, for example, need about a week’s time to clear out of your system.

So, how to figure out how long does it take for weed to get out of your system?

Let’s do something nerdy and look at the scientific literature on the topic of THC elimination. In essence, there are 2 factors that influence how long it takes to pass a drug test:

  1. Consumption. Translation: how much you smoke? One time smokers will pass a drug test much quicker than a chronic user.
  2. Weight. Weed accumulates in body fat; therefore, it will take longer for heavy people who have more fat to pass a drug test.

Height and sex (male/female) are also minor factors. Cannabis consumption is obviously the most important factor.

Based on how much you smoke and how many days you have before taking a drug test, you can use these 4 methods to help you beat a drug test:

4 Methods Of Passing A Drug Test

When trying to pass a drug test, it all comes down to how much time do you have before taking it.

If you have to pass a drug test urgently, you obviously won’t use detox drinks.

And if you have 3 weeks until your drug test, you can detox your body in a more natural way.

We’ll start with the most urgent method of passing a drug test:

1st Method: Synthetic Urine To Beat A Drug Test On Short Notice (2-10 Days)

Using synthetic urine to pass a drug test is a method as old as, well, the invention of synthetic urine.

In essence, synthetic urine laboratory-made urine that resembles the real clear urine almost exactly.

The best synthetic urine is yellow like urine, warm like urine, and even smells like urine (the trick is to add urea which breaks down when oxidized to bring out that desired pee smell – ‘little chemistry intro’).

Synthetic urine is the most popular method of passing a drug test for:

  1. Guys who need to pass the drug test ‘immediately’.
  2. Chronic smokers who don’t have more than 2 weeks for a drug test.
  3. For guys who want to be 100% sure they will pass.

There is, as it is with all things, good and bad kind of synthetic urine. With a good one, you don’t need to worry if you will pass a drug test because it’s exactly up to standard. What you really need to figure when using synthetic urine on a drug test is:

  1. How to smuggle it on a drug test. Most of the people just put it in the underwear or keeps it under their armpits.
  2. How to keep it warm. Synthetic urine has to be as warm as real human urine; that’s 92-100F. The best synthetic urines include the warm-up kits to bring it to that temperature.

If used correctly, synthetic urine is the best method to pass a drug test on short notice. You can check here which is the best synthetic urine brand and check out online stores that sell synthetic urine.

2nd Method: THC Detox Kits For Cannabis Elimination (6-18 Days)

If you’re facing an almost imminent drug test and don’t really want to risk it with synthetic urine, it does make quite a lot of sense to start with a THC detox program. One thing – it really has to be intensive. Its job is to put THC elimination in really high gear.

Naturally, THC is eliminated out of the body in 3 ways (and you’ll most probably be surprised by the 1st way):

  1. 65% of THC is eliminated via shitting-it-out.
  2. 20% of THC is eliminated via the urine.
  3. 15% of THC is eliminated via sweat, breathing, etc.

The main job of THC detox kits is to speed up THC elimination so much that you will be able to pass a drug test on your designated testing date. The best ones use the most effective route of THC out of our body – feces.

how to pass a marijuana drug test
More than 60% of marijuana leaves our bodies via feces. THC detox kit, for example, puts this elimination route into high gear.

Normally, you will find 5-day, 7-day, or even stronger 10-day THC detox kits. In the end, they are usually all the same and include popping pills that speed up the THC elimination.

The best part of these detox kits is that they are both effective and easy to use. It’s just popping detox pills; no cardio, synthetic urine hiding, or figuring out if detox drinks work or not.

The bad side is the price. Because the detox kits represent an easy and effective way to naturally pass a drug test, they do come with a higher price tag than synthetic urine or detox drinks.

You can check the best THC detox kits and drinks here.

3rd Method: Detox Drinks For Passing A Drug Screening (15-25 Days)

A while ago the drug-clearing detox drinks were all the rage until more and more people used them and failed a drug test regardless.

That doesn’t mean they don’t work, quite the contrary. When used correctly, detox drinks can be a difference between a positive and a negative drug test.

But that’s just what they are – simple to use drinks that will push people who are already close to passing a drug test gives that last boost to pass a drug test. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you are 10 days from passing a drug test, even the best detox drink can’t help you. However, if you are 2 or 3 days away from passing a drug test, the strongest detox drink can help you beat a drug test.

The main thing to understand about detox drinks is that they are not ‘magic drinks’ that would vanquish all traces of THC in your urine. However, the best ones when used correctly can help you be more confident about the outcome of your drug test.

4th Method: Passing Drug Test Naturally With Diet And Exercise (25+ Days)

Interestingly enough, drinking water, dieting, and exercising are usually what we first think of when wondering how to pass a drug test faster. Obviously, this is the most natural way to pass a urine drug test, but it comes with the major setbacks:

  1. It’s tough work. Running a marathon on a low-calorie diet is not a piece of cake.
  2. It’s not effective/reliable enough in most cases.

Increased hydration combined with natural diuretics such as cranberry juice, coffee, tea does make us produce more urine. However, just by urinating more, we don’t eliminate more THC and the urination itself represents only 20% of all THC elimination.

Physical exercise (preferably cardio: running, cycling, swimming) does make us sweat the weed out, but in most cases, this effect is just too insignificant to really change the outcome of a drug test.

Natural ways of passing a drug test that include exercise, dieting, and natural diuretic drinks are appropriate only for people who have a lot of time before their drug test – more than 25 days.

Running, consuming a low-calorie diet and drinking water like crazy does have a measurable effect on how quickly weed leaves your system but only if you do it for 20+ days.

A chronic smoker, for example, that is facing a drug test in 10 days, can eat nothing, run 10 marathons and gulps down gallons of cranberry juice without really changing the outcome of a drug test.

How To Be Sure You Will Pass A Drug Test?

When trying to figure out the whole how to pass a drug test thing out, we usually have two questions:

  1. Do I have to do anything at all to pass a drug test?
  2. I’ve been detoxing for a while, how do I know if I will pass a drug test already?

Some light users really don’t need to detox in order to pass a drug test; they are already testing negative without their knowledge.

Others are in the middle of a THC detox program and want to know if they need to continue with the detox or are there already out of the woods.

Figuring out if you will pass a drug test theoretically is almost impossible; however, there is a way to tell if you will successfully get a negative result on a drug test.

Here is one valuable piece of advice: use home drug tests to confirm that you will test negative.

Home drug tests are the most useful tool to alleviate stress before a drug test. You can buy a pack of them for $10 or $20 at your local pharmacy and check if you’re still testing positive. Here’s when/how to check for each method:

  • 1st Method: Just stick the test panel in the urine and see that it will give you a 100% negative result.
  • 2nd Method: Test if your urine THC levels are high enough to be detected by a home drug test before starting a detox, on the 5th and on the 10th day of detox. You will see when the home drug test starts giving a negative result.
  • 3rd Method: Check before and after drinking a detox drink. If you were testing positive before and negative after, you know you have the right detox drink for passing a drug test.
  • 4th Method: Check on the 10th, 20th, 30th day of detox to see when you start testing negative. You don’t want to run a marathon every day if you don’t really need to anymore, right?

In the end, being sure that you will pass a urine drug test is a way to alleviate the stress before the drug test and to appear more confident with the lab techs you have to interact with.

Calm Down And Relax

The worst feeling is that you have an impending drug test and you can’t do anything about it. If that were true, you really should be stressed out.

However, with the 4 methods of how to pass a drug test listed above, you now have the power to influence your drug test results. There is a way to do something to safeguard your life.

The best thing we can ever do in every daring situation is simple to do our best to understand the problem and use all the knowledge at our disposal to overcome it.

Make a plan as soon as possible.

Follow the plan.

Pass the drug test.