Best THC Detox: Detox Drinks For Drug Test Or Detox Kits?

Don’t you just hate hearing ‘Ok, we’ll just need you to pass a drug test. That won’t be a problem, right?’. That’s pretty much the surest wake-up call, especially if you have been using marijuana within the last 40 days.

Luckily, everybody knows that when you’re faced with an imminent drug test, you can always rely on the best detox drinks for a drug test. Right? Well…

THC Detox Options

The truth is that the whole process of THC detox (flushing weed out of your system as quickly as possible) isn’t as simple as drinking a ‘magic’ detox drink for a drug test. If it were that simple everybody would just drink a detox drink or some cranberry juice and nobody would sweat about the drug tests.

Here’s the real wake-up call: THC elimination and passing a drug test is rarely a one-detox-drink kind of situation. Passing marijuana urine drug test successfully does usually take a whole detox program – a kit, if you will. Here is one chronic user’s testimony of how the most successful Toxin Rid detox kits can actually work wonders:

thc detox kit review versus a review of detox drinks for drug test

For chronic cannabis users, the intensive THC detox kits always work perfectly. This is true especially for chronic users; for them, detox drinks are just not enough.

Does that mean that we can just flush the detox drinks for weed down the toilet?

Not at all. Using the best detox drink to pass a drug test can be very successful in some situations (we’ll explain which ones below). However, there are only two ways that can guarantee you will pass a drug test (and the ‘guarantee’ is exactly what we’re all looking for):

  • Complete THC detox kits. It’s not just a quick detox drink; it’s more of a 5- or 10-day intensive THC detox that will make you pee and sh*t yourself on a daily basis, but it will be extremely effective.
  • Synthetic urine. This is a quick solution but it’s not exactly a natural way of passing a drug test. It involves using the lab-made synthetic urine instead of your own THC-full urine. You can check out the best synthetic urine brands here if you need to pass a drug test ASAP.

In the following article, we will explain why the THC detox kits (that combine detox pills + detox liquid + fiber) are so much more effective at beating the drug test than detox drinks (they are like detox drinks on steroids). What is more, we’ll also describe the situations in which using detox drinks to pass a drug test is a 100% legit method.

We’ll also look at several reviews of guys from the street who passed a drug test using kits and detox drinks.

Let’s first start with the comparison of the best THC detox kits and detox drinks for a drug test:

Best Kits VS. Best Detox Drinks For Drug Test

Kit Or Drink:#1 Kit: 10-Day Toxin Rid Program#2 Kit: 5-Day Toxin Rid Program#1 Drink: Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse#2 Drink: Mega Clean Cleansing Drink#3 Drink: XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink
Photo:10 day toxin rid program for drug test with pills, detox liquid and fiber5 day toxin rid thc detox kitpackage of clear choice rescue cleanse detox drinkmega clean drink by detoxifydrug testing drink to eliminate thc cooh from urine xxtra clean cleansing
Consists of: 150 pre-rid pills
1oz fiber
1oz detox liquid
75 pre-rid pills
1oz fiber
1oz detox liquid
32oz detox drink 32oz detox drink 20oz detox drink
Reliability:4.9 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars3.3 out of 5 stars3 out of 5 stars2.4 out of 5 stars
Chances of passing:Extremely HighVery HighDecentModerateLow
Avg. review:4.8 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars3.2 out of 5 stars3.1 out of 5 stars2.3 out of 5 stars
Availability: Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Best Detox Kits For Drug Test (Why Are They So Reliable?)

As you can see from the table above, the best way to detoxify your body of THC are the complete Toxin Rid detox kits. Here’s a story by Nicole who used the strongest (10-Day) kit in September 2019:

toxin rid detox pills for passing a drug test

Notice the ‘you’ll be on the toilet a lot’? That’s primarily thanks to the pre-rid detox pills.

Why are we talking about the best detox pills for a drug test?

Simply because all the ‘magic’ of THC detox kits comes from a large amount of detox pills (all the extra toilet visits come from those pills as well). You will notice that every Toxin Rid kit – the best THC detox kit by far – comes with 3 different ways to cleanse your system:

  1. Pre-rid tablets (detox pills that contain alfalfa leaf extract).
  2. Liquid detox.
  3. Dietary fiber.

Both liquid detox and dietary fiber are welcoming ingredients when it comes to boosting THC elimination out of your system. However, they are merely a shell; the incredible effective pre-rid tablets are the heart.

Detox Pills For Cleansing Your System Of Marijuana

Every Toxin Rid detox program comes with a lot of pre-rid tablets. For example, in the standard 5-day Toxin Rid detox there are 75 pre-rid tablets. Compared to every other detox kit or drink, the sheer amount of 75 pills ensures your body will be rid of weed much faster. The strongest 10-day detox has even more pills; 150 in total.

So how do these detox pills for drug test work?

According to a scientific study by NIH about the elimination of THC and it’s metabolite THC-COOH, more than 60% of marijuana leaves our body via defecation. That’s right, we literally sh*t most of the weed out of our system.

The only job of detox pills for detox is to put that THC-full defecation into high gear. The alfalfa leaf extract ensures that most of the THC is captured in our feces and that we, well, promptly sh*t it out.

With enough pills – that’s why we have 75-pill or 150-pill programs – you can bring the number of days in which you will likely pass a drug test from 30 to 10 easily, even if you’re a chronic user.

When choosing between 5-day and 10-day program, the most important thing is to be honest with yourself what kind of smoker you are as a guy on 420magazine forum nicely explained:

stoner who passed a drug test with toxin rid on a 420 forum

Even the chronic marijuana smokers can pass a drug test in a natural way with the strongest 10-day Toxin Rid detox. However, that doesn’t mean that everybody needs the 10-day kit.

Occasional users who don’t smoke weed every day 5-day detox might be more than enough.

For guys who only tried marijuana once, even 1-day detox should be OK.

Nonetheless, opting for a stronger detox kit is rule #1 in playing it safe. Again, choose a kit according to your smoking habits. You can choose any detox kit; from the weakest 1-day to the strongest 10-day program; and follow the step-by-step instructions:

most use toxin rid program
5-day Toxin Rid kit is the most popular choice for occasional marijuana users. You can check all complete Toxin Rid detox kits here.

Obviously, using such a thorough detox program does include multiple toilet visits per day. You are literally sh*itting and peeing the marijuana out every day you’re on a detox program. That’s how you know it’s working.

Honestly, it’s not particularly pleasant, but as long as it gets you to pass a drug test, pretty much everybody is capable of withstanding mild diarrhea. You can read the full Toxin Rid 10-Day detox here.

What About The Best Detox Drinks For Drug Test?

As we’ve learned earlier, detox drinks for weed are not some ‘magic potions’ that would just erase all the traces of marijuana use from your system.

Nonetheless, there are specific situations when using detox drinks is a smart move if you want to pass a drug test in a natural way.

The most important part is this: Pretty much the only case in which detox drinks work for drug tests is when you are very close to already passing a drug test. They are more than capable of providing that final push; however, detox drinks do not represent a comprehensive THC detox plan.

For example, if you had one joint and will pass a drug test in 1 week but you have a drug test in 5 days. Without a detox drink, you will probably fail a drug test. With one of the good detox drinks, you will pass a drug test.

That’s pretty much the whole point of detox drinks when it comes to urine drug analysis. They can at best buy you 3-5 days but they are not a miracle potions. Detox drinks use is limited to these near passable results.

What really matters when you find yourself in a situation when the right detox drink can mean a difference between a negative and positive drug test, is obviously choosing the ‘right’ detox drink.

Hint: Always go for the bigger 32oz detox drinks. They don’t cost twice as much as a small 16oz drink, they do have two times as much detox effect and when you’re faced with an imminent drug screening, you don’t really want to use the ‘weaker’ version of a detox drink.

Below you will find the 3 most popular and effective detox drinks:

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse 32oz (Best Detox Drink For Drug Test)

Any true stoner on the street who has ever passed a drug test using a detox drink will certainly know the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse drink. It’s the most popular and well-known detox drink on the market.

It’s the go-to cleansing drink for everybody who is just about to test negative on a drug test; with a distinct problem that he or she is currently still testing positive and will fail a drug test without some help.

Here’s Sarah’s story about how she was unable to pass a drug test even after 26 days of abstinence. Using Rescue Cleanse was the deciding make-it-or-break-it factor:

26 day of weed abstinance and still testing positive before using detox drink

Here’s how the help (with cranberry-apple extracts) looks like in the big 32oz bottle:

cranberry apple flavored clear choice rescue cleans drink in 32oz bottle
The go-to Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse detox drink. The most popular and effective detox drink. You can get it here.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Eat nothing 4 hours prior to drinking it.
  2. Drink the whole bottle of Rescue Cleanse and wait for 1 hour.
  3. Within this 1 hour, you will have to go to pee several times. These are the toxins leaving your body.
  4. 1 hour after drinking it, you have entered a 5-hour window in which you have to take a drug test. The best time is immediately 1 hour after drinking it.

That’s pretty much it. Make sure you are near a toilet when you drink the Rescue Cleanse and that you have a drug test within 1h to 6h time interval.

If you’re near passing a drug test already, the Rescue Cleanse 32oz detox drink is just the thing to turn that positive test into a negative one. You can read a full Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review here.

Mega Clean Cleansing Drink (The All Guns Blazing Detox Drink)

Mega Clean is another great 32oz detox drink for marijuana tests. Again, detox drinks do only work for light to moderate users who are close to passing a drug test; but they’re just not there yet.

In the case of Mega Clean detox drinks, the “time is everything” as a fellow weed enthusiast that goes by the name 007, 007bond from Gainesville, Florida so neatly said:

review of mega clean detox liquid by a moderate weed smoker

The maximum effect of Mega Clean (the time when you’re most likely to test negative for drugs) is 2-3 hours after drinking the whole thing.

That again means that you can to timely coordinate when you use the detox drink and when you have a drug test.

If you’re scheduled for a drug test at 10 AM, for example, it makes sense to drink the Mega Clean at 8 AM. If you will have to wait for a bit, you will at least know that you have about 1 hour until the effect of Mega Clean detox drink starts wearing off.

32oz mega detox drink by detoxify in tropical fruit flavor
Big Mega Clean detox drink by Detoxify. It’s most effective 2-3 hours after drinking it. You can order the Mega Clean detox drink here.

Obviously, the Mega Clean cleansing drinks works very well when you’re close to passing a 50 ng/ml THC test. For a more thorough THC detox, you should use the whole THC kits we’ve already covered.

If you want to see why Mega Clean is so popular, you can check out the full review of this Detoxify drink.

XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink (Most Popular Smaller Detox Drink)

The XXtra Clean is a smaller cousin of the 32oz detox drinks for drug test above; it is a 20oz drink that is quite popular and is used to pass a urinary analysis in a natural way.

XXtra Clean is made by Detoxify, the same brand that makes the Mega Clean. The detox drinks are quite similar if you compare ingredient-by-ingredient.

The effectiveness when it comes to passing a urine drug test is better with Mega Clean than with XXtra Clean simply because the effect of 32oz drink is stronger than that of a 20oz drink.

Nonetheless, people who are light smokers prefer to choose the XXtra Clean because it’s cheaper:

xxtra clean cheap detox drink for weed
XXtra Clean detox drink is one of the best cheap drinks that are effective. You can check it out in full here.

When To Use Detox Drinks And When To Opt For Detox Kits? [Verdict]

Detox kits are basically detox drinks on steroids. They are the most effective way to pass a drug test naturally.

Detox drinks for weed, for example, are useful as well but only when you’re already close to passing a urinary drug analysis. They are recommended for light and moderate users; if you’re a weekend smoker, detox drinks might actually be a good (and cheaper) idea.

Chronic users who smoke a joint or more per day, however, really need an intensive THC detox program to flush all the drugs out. It is a lengthy 5- or 10-day process that involves a whole lot of detox pills and even some light diarrhea.

In the end, the only thing that really matters if you pass a drug test. If you’re close, a detox drink might be a viable option. However, if you’re not really sure if you’re close or if you pretty much know you will fail a drug test, an intensive THC detox program is likely the only thing that stands between you and a failed drug test.

Best of luck!

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