How To Pass Saliva Drug Test? 4 Mouth Swab Drug Test Hacks

The saliva drug test is the worst one of them all purely because of one reason:

You don’t see it coming.

You could be tested literally at any time, anywhere, on the spot.

The whole oral drug test only takes 30 seconds to perform.

Stick your tongue out. The lab tech uses the mouth swab and takes a sample.

how a saliva sample for a drug test is collected
Lab tech collecting a saliva sample with a mouth swab pen. The purpose is to test your saliva for drugs.

He or she is going for the gums or the part under the tongue; the places where the concentration of the drugs you’ve taken the previous weekend are the highest.

If you’ve used marijuana yesterday, you will probably fail today’s saliva drug test.

According to Drug Testing FAQs on ‘… saliva drug tests can detect usage within a few hours up to 2 days.’ Common recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, PCP, meth and so on will show on a saliva drug test if you’ve used it in the past 2 days.

You can read about all sorts of tricks on how to beat a saliva drug test. From brushing your teeth like crazy to smoking a cigarette, even using Listerine packs. Hey, here’s a story of a guy who did all that (posted on cannabis-friendly 420magazine):

ways of how to pass a drug test with some simple hacks

Do these simple mouth swab drug test hacks actually work?

Surprisingly, in some cases they do well enough and then sometimes they fail completely.

The do-well-enough cases involve getting yourself saliva neutralizing gum. This is the best method to pass a saliva drug test. The best gum is Clear Choice’s Oral Clear. It works for 30 minutes but it also costs $90. In most cases, it’s more than worth it.

Here’s Bob who passed the mouth swab test with it (you’ll also find it neutralizing gum under Method No. 4):

neutralizing gum for saliva drug test

Moderate and chronic smokers will have much more problems fooling an oral drug test compared to light smokers, obviously. For them using Oral Clear is the best chance to pass the test – you can get the gum here.

Saliva Drug Tests Are Among Us Daily

One thing is for sure. The saliva drug test is becoming more and more popular. Employees find themselves deep-throated by the mouth swab more frequently than ever, and it’s not really hard to see why.

You see, saliva drug tests are cheap. The whole oral drug test kit costs less than $10, takes less than 30 seconds and that’s why the lab testing companies love it.

The employers love it because they can quickly weed out the people who use weed (pun intended) or other drugs. For company policy, insurance, morality or whatever reason.

Pretty much the only people who don’t love it are us!

Smoking a bit of weed in the evening should not be the basis for losing a job. But sadly, it is.

Fortunately, there are ways of passing a saliva drug test. If you know you’ll get tested, you can prepare beforehand (yes, it can involve Listerine) and pass the drug test.

Even if you get tested out of the blue, there is a mouth swab test hack that will clear your mouth for 30 minutes. It’s a gum and it’s quite expensive but its the only truly foolproof way to pass a saliva drug test, even if you’re a chronic smoker.

We’ll go into 4 simple methods of what to do when you have to pass an oral drug test. But let’s first look at how saliva drug test is actually conducted and how long can you test positive for different drugs.

How Is A Saliva Drug Test Practically Performed?

It’s really important to know beforehand what to expect when you get randomly (or not so randomly) picked for a drug test.

The basic procedure of how oral drug test works is basically the same for all professions. The science behind is the same for people who work in retail, in construction or in an office.

This is how it usually goes down:

  1. Your boss or HR usually taps you on the shoulder and explains that you have to submit a saliva sample for a drug test. This is where people who are not prepared for the test start to panic.
  2. You are escorted from your workplace to the toilet, conference room, or just a quiet place.
  3. The lab tech will crack open the saliva drug test kit, containing the mouth swab. It’s not your usual mouth swab you clean your ear wax with. Most saliva drug test kits contain a special pen with the point being covered in cotton.
  4. You open your mouth with everybody watching, the lab tech collects your saliva from the gums or under the tongue.
  5. He or she uses the drug test panel that comes with the kit and presses the cotton point of the pen against the panel. In a matter of seconds, the 5 or 10 saliva drug panel tell you for which drugs you’re positive and for which drugs you’re negative.

If you test negative for all 5 or 10 drugs (marijuana, opiates, cocaine, meth and so on), you’re good to go.

If, however, you test positive for one or more drugs, you’re in big trouble.

The whole process can take as little as 30 seconds.

Here is how a 5-panel saliva drug test looks like:

5 panel mouth swab drug screen
A standard 5-panel saliva drug test for meth, amphetamines, THC, opiates and cocaine. You can even get one here to test yourself.

We’ll go through all 4 methods of how you can increase your chances to pass a saliva drug test for any drug.

Scheduled Vs. Unscheduled Saliva Drug Screening

Some employers might use a saliva drug test before you start your job. All the employers might use a saliva drug test while you’re on the job.


Usually, people who interview for a job are informed they will have to pass a drug test at a certain time/date.

This is called the pre-employment oral fluid drug screening and it’s usually easy to pass. You get notice beforehand when you will have your saliva collected. The only thing you have to do is not to use drugs for at least two days.

You can check the methods 1, 2 and 3 of how to pass a saliva drug test naturally. These should help if you have more than 24 hours before the drug test.

While On The Job

People who are already employed, however, have the biggest concern over a saliva drug test, and rightfully so.

One day when you’re just doing your job – be it retail, construction, office work – you get that tap on your shoulder.

That wake and bake or the joint you rolled two days ago will be detected and there is nothing you can do about it. Except, of course, if you follow the 4th method and can excuse yourself to go to the toilet.

Ok, let’s finally look at some reliable methods to pass a drug test.

4 Methods Of How To Pass An Oral Fluid Drug Test

Let’s make one thing clear. If you haven’t used drugs in the last 4-5 days, you will pass a saliva drug test. You don’t really need to do any mouth detoxing. You’re already in the clear zone.

If, on the other hand, you have used drugs within the past couple of days, you should use these mouth detox methods to increase your chances of passing. With the exception of the method No. 4, these methods are not 100% foolproof.

The first 3 methods are best for pre-employment saliva drug tests. The ones that are scheduled beforehand and you can prepare for them. It’s best to use all three of them to increase your chances of passing.

The 4th method is the best for people who are already employed. They can be tested at a moment’s notice. They have to act quickly. Excuse themselves to leave for the bathroom, pick the mouth neutralizing gums from their bag and just chew the Christ out of them in the few minutes they have available.

#1 Wash Your Teeth AND Gums Like Crazy

I know. It sounds simple.

If the only thing that it takes to pass a saliva drug test is to wash your mouth, why are people buying $100 worth of mouth detox products, right?

The fact of the matter is that the lab tech collects the saliva from your mouth. Every inch of your mouth should be clean of THC, meth, coke and so on. And washing your teeth does help.

What helps, even more, is washing your gums. Saliva is excreted into the mouth via exocrine salivary glands. They are located under the tongue and above the upper mouth gums.

This is the exact reason why lab tech takes an oral fluid sample from under the tongue or from the gums – that’s where the saliva is.

With mouth washing, you want to remove that saliva from under your tongue and off your gums. So don’t only scrub the teeth; do focus on the gums as well.

How many times should you wash your mouth to pass a saliva drug test?

More times you do it, the better. Drug-containing saliva is constantly being formed and excreted in your mouth. It is important to wash it away as often as possible. Brushing your teeth AND gums 5 times per day might help a bit.

Here’s what will help even more:

#2 Use Mouthwash (Preferably Toxin Eradication One)

Mouthwash is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you’re informed of a saliva drug testing. It’s not even a bad idea, actually.

The whole purpose of mouthwash is to clean your mouth, right? That’s why people usually start gulping down as much of Listerine as possible. A clean mouth means a negative saliva drug test, right?

Well, yes and no. It really depends on what you mean as ‘clean’. Clean of drugs or clean of bacteria?

Standard mouthwash products like Listerine clean your mouth of bacteria. But you’re not being tested for bacteria; you’re being tested for drugs.

It’s important to use a mouthwash that is specifically designed to get rid of toxins in your saliva. And even if you do that well, you will have about half an hour window in which you have to take the drug test. Even the best-specialized mouthwash – the Toxin Rid Rescue Wash – can buy you only that half an hour window.

That’s because your mouth is clear of drugs at the moment. But the new batch of dirty drug-filled saliva is starting to drip in your mouth and in about half an hour the whole of your gums will be covered with test-positive saliva.

The main idea here is to use the mouthwash only moments before your saliva sample is collected. Like in I-have-to-go-to-the-bathroom-to-use-mouthwash-and-I’ll-be-back-right-away kind of way.

#3 Eat Fatty Food An Hour Before The Saliva Sample Collection

Most of the water-soluble drugs are easily washed out of our saliva just by drinking water. They will dissolve in water and go down to your stomach.

The problem that many people face is the drugs that are soluble in oil; ie. marijuana. The active ingredients in marijuana – THC molecule – insoluble in oil and fats. Just drinking water won’t wash it out of your mouth.

But drinking oil will! That doesn’t mean you have to literally drink oil. The best is to eat fatty food. Cheeseburger, for example.

When you eat a cheeseburger, the fatty parts in the cheese and beef attract the THC molecules in your saliva and you’ll swallow both.

You should eat a fatty meal as close to the mouth swab test as possible. After an hour, the new THC-rich saliva will flush your mouth again. So it’s vital that you eat that cheeseburger right before the drug screening.

#4 Instant Neutralizing Oral Clear Gum (Best For Out-Of-The-Blue Saliva Tests)

This 4th method of using the neutralizing is the surest way of passing a drug test that you would otherwise fail.

Everybody who has a job and uses drugs is in fear of the out-of-the-blue saliva drug tests. These unscheduled drug tests are the worst.

From the moment you get a tap on the shoulder and ‘Hey buddy, you need to pass a saliva drug test ASAP’ to the saliva collection you have very little time to act.

But you do have to act if you’ve used drugs in the last 2 days. So what do you do?

First thing first; be prepared. If you’re using drugs and you have a job where saliva drug testing is likely to occur, have an instant neutralizing gum in your bag at all times. The best one is made by Clear Choice and it’s called Oral Clear:

best way to pass a saliva drug test
The Oral Clear neutralizing gum is the surest way to pass the out-of-the-blue saliva drug test. You can prepare for a likely drug test by getting the Oral Clear here.

When you get informed about the imminent saliva test, excuse yourself with ‘I have to go to the toilet, it’ll be just a moment’. Nobody will stop you from taking a leak.

Now, this is vital. Do remember to pick that gum you had in your bag for just this situation.

Go to the toilet, chew the gum for 30 seconds. Make sure that all the neutralizing juices from the gum cover all parts of your mouth (especially the upper gums and under the tongue). Spit the gum out and proceed to saliva collection.

The Oral Clear gum will clear your saliva for up to 30 minutes. Make sure the lab tech collects your saliva as soon as possible after that whole chewing frenzy.

This is the only foolproof way to pass a drug test with a major drawback. The instant neutralizing gum costs $90. Yeah, you read that correctly. That’s quite an investment for a gum. You can read the review of Oral Clear gum where we see why it costs $90.

However, failing a drug test and losing your job is tenfold costlier (and it comes with a walk of shame). That’s why many people do invest in the gum and keep it in their bag for when the situation arises. You can buy the Oral Clear gum from the official retailer here.

Good Luck

“Just don’t use drugs” is the surest way of passing any drug test.

The saliva test is specific because literally anybody can be tested within seconds’ notice.

It is becoming increasingly more popular in the workplace. That’s why we hope that you can use these four methods of how to pass a saliva drug test in order to avoid all kinds of problems that people who failed a drug test experienced.

In any case, we hope that with the help of these mouth swab drug test hacks the luck will be on your side. Good luck!

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