Quick Fix 6.2 Plus Review: Most Popular Cheap Fake Pee

The moment when most of us get the memo about an imminent drug test (for a job or otherwise), we start to search for a quick fix. The reason is quite simple: We know that the amount of marijuana in our system is so high we’ll definitely fail a drug test.

It’s especially tough if you’re a chronic drug user. Casual weed enthusiasts can get away with detox drinks and THC detox programs. However, if a chronic user would like to pass a drug test in a natural way, you would need to abstain from cannabis for 30 or even 40 days.

But you have a drug test next week.

If you can’t do it naturally, you might as well use synthetic urine instead of your own dirty urine. And if you’re going to use fake pee, it would be best if it is:

  • Cheap. Because some kits can cost up to $100.
  • Popular. You really don’t want to be the only fool using that particular fake pee brand.

The most popular (and also cheaper than most) synthetic urine is the Quick Fix. That’s the one that pretty much everybody uses. Quick Fix is quite literary a synonym for synthetic urine.

You’ll hardly find a marijuana forum where people share their experiences with the drug tests and not see Quick Fix as the first choice. Here is one such Quick Fix review from Reddit:

2019 review of quick fix for pre employment drug test

Most of the people who use Quick Fix 6.2 do pass a drug test in 2021. It isn’t continually voted as the best cheap synthetic urine for no reason. However, there are some guys who simply failed the test. We’ll explain how to use it correctly and where you can buy Quick Fix.

Most importantly, we’ll look at how you can avoid failing a drug test while using Quick Fix synthetic urine. Admittedly, most of you guys already know how to avoid that, but for everybody else, we’ll explain it just to ensure you’ll use it correctly.

How To Use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Correctly

No lab can catch the use of synthetic urine that has been:

  1. Updated. The 6.2 version of Quick Fix pee is the updated version.
  2. Used correctly. It’s all about getting the right temperature.

Quick Fix has a great reputation for regularly upgrading its formula. Obviously, lab testing is getting more accurate every year. The formulation of synthetic urine has to be updated for years.

You will see that the content of the key ingredients (that are also present in our urine) like urea, uric acid, and creatinine are being adjusted from year to year.

In 2021, the 6.2 version of Quick Fix fake pee is the one to use. If you use it correctly, it guarantees you to pass a drug test.

quick fix fake pee kit with capped bottle, temperature strips and heating pads
Whole Quick Fix 6.2 kit comes with a 3oz bottle of synthetic urine (with cap), temperature strip and heating pads. You can buy the whole kit here.

Why It Matters To Get The Temperature Right

The synthetic urine itself is already pre-mixed. That’s the gold-colored (well, urine-colored, to be fair) liquid in the 3oz capped bottle.

The only thing you have to worry about is how to heat it up enough so it will pass as you own urine. The lab tech will expect warm urine because, obviously, when you pee, your urine is warm.

In fact, it has to be somewhere between 92F and 100F to pass the ‘Urine Authenticity’ test. If you read about people who say that Quick Fix doesn’t work, this is usually the step they neglect. The thinking here goes something like this:

‘It’s warm urine, bro, who cares about the exact temperature?’

Lab techs. Lab techs do care. They measure the temperature and if your specimen is not within the 92F-100F temperature interval, you will automatically fail a drug test.

Now, here are the instructions on how to use Quick Fix to get the temperature right. Be sure to follow them to the letter (you also get them the instructions with every 6.2 kit):

5 Step Instructions

When you buy the Quick Fix 6.2 kit, you don’t only get the synthetic urine. The whole kit comes with a bottle (with a cap), temperature strip on the bottle (for reading temperature) and heating pads (for keeping it between 92F and 100F).

Here is how you use that kit to prepare the Quick Fix fake pee for a urine drug test:

  1. Take the bottle with synthetic pee and remove the cap.
  2. Heat the bottle in the microwave for 10 seconds. That should get the temperature up to about 100F.
  3. Take the bottle out of the microwave, put the cap back on and shake the bottle.
  4. Check the temperature with the temperature strip (photo below).
    temperature indicator for when you heat quick fix up
    The temperature must be between 94F and 100F.
  5. (Optional) If the temperature falls below 94F, use the heating pads to bring the temperature back into the 94F-100F sweet spot temperature.

With the Quick Fix properly heated, you just need to sustain that temperature until the drug test and conceal it. Most of the guys easily solve this by just hiding the bottle in their underwear. That’s actually the correct way of doing it.

It keeps the bottle hidden and it keeps the synthetic urine safe.

Where To Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

There are a number of stores that sell Quick Fix but it would be smart to be cautious here. Many people who sell Quick Fix on Amazon or eBay don’t have the newest 6.2 version of the kit. That doesn’t mean it won’t work; it’s just that you really don’t want to use old expired fake pee hoping it will work.

The newest Quick Fix 6.2 version does work every time. The safest bet is to buy it from the official Quick Fix store here. They have the authentic version and ship quite fast if you need it immediately.

All in all, it’s not all that difficult to see why the Quick Fix is the most popular cheap synthetic urine out there. It works and because it’s so cheap (costs like $40 or so) everybody can easily afford it.

In the end, it’s best to use a tested brand of fake pee and the Quick Fix has been the most tried-and-tested brand out there for years.

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