Clear Choice Sub Solution 2023 Review (20+ Year Track Record)

Before we plunge into a review of Sub Solution synthetic urine, consider this situation (it’s more frequent than you might imagine):

“I am a 5’11” 190 lbs guy who smokes weed every day. Maybe a bong on the weekend also tried a vape pen a week ago. I had a job interview and they told me I’m hired! I just need to pass a drug test in 10 days. I’m sky high right now, is it possible to pass the test if I stop smoking immediately?”

No, man.

That drug test sure is a bummer. If you’re a chronic marijuana user, you would need anywhere between 30 and 40 days to pass the drug test naturally. That’s how long it takes for all the THC currently dissolved in fat tissue to leave your system completely.

However, one thing has to be said here: Pretty much everybody who uses cannabis and has to pass a drug test has that small hope. The hope that maybe, just maybe, against all the odds and laws of physiology, he or she will pass a drug test. Here’s how that wishfully thinking sounds like in our heads:

“Maybe 1 week will be enough? I mean, I don’t smoke that much, right?”

Well, no. You can’t really gamble your future on an off chance that the gods of drug tests will smile upon you and give you a pass. You need a guarantee to pass. Something like synthetic urine.

The Clear Choice’s Sub Solution, a synthetic urine kit, is voted as the best synthetic urine year after year. They update their mixture every year to stay way ahead of the labs and it’s pretty much the easiest kit to use.

We’ll look at what people on marijuana forums say about the Sub Solution and their experience using it. All in all, it nice and comforting to know that we have synthetic urine that does work 100% of the time.

That’s how everyone, when the heaviest chronic weed users, can pass a urine drug test.

Sub Solution Reviews From Forums

Thousands of people pass a drug test using synthetic urine every single day. For everybody might still be skeptical if Clear Choice’s Sub Solution works perfectly, we looked into what people say about this fake pee on cannabis forums.

It’s very interesting and comforting to read stories of people who used Sub Solution to pass a drug test.

Here’s a good review from weedmaps, one of the most cannabis forums. If you ever wondered which one is better – synthetic urine or detox drinks – here is your answer:

review of sub solution on marijuana forum

Detox drinks might work or not. Synthetic urine, however, does work 100% of the time.

The heart of the Clear Choice kit, as you can see below, is the bottle with pre-mixed Sub Solution. All you need to do is properly heat it up to body temperature (92F – 100F) and pour it into the cup. That’s it.

To help with the heating, you have the temperature strip and the heating vial (this makes heating up so much easier). Here’s how the complete Clear Choice’s Sub Solution kit looks like:

clear choice's fake pee kit
The Sub Solution kit. It has a great 20+ year track record. You can buy the whole kit with the Heat Activator here.

Given that so many people use Sub Solution, it’s not hard to find some positive reviews. Among all the best reviews of Clear Choice’s urine kit, this following one has to be the best ever.

People usually tell half of their life story when posting these reviews. However, username ‘Darth Maulsack’ took a different route completely when he reviewed Sub Solution in 2019:

october 2019 review of clear choice sub solution synthetic pee

Short and to the point.

You can kind of get a feeling that Mr. Darth Maulsack has successfully passed the drug test and is celebrating with one fat blunt.

That pretty much the down to earth Sub Solution review I’ve ever heard:

“Dis a good shit”, man.

If you heard this being said about weed, you know you’re going to have some nice high in the evening.

Clear Choice: Company That Makes And Sells Sub Solution

In the world of synthetic urine kits, track record matters. It matters big time.

Year after year you can see some random companies creating their own versions of fake pee. If you’ve seen those suspiciously cheap synthetic urine kits, you know what I’m talking about. And year after year, these companies just cease to exist because, well, their synthetic urine mixture was obviously not up to the task.

One of the big reasons why people feel comfortable putting so much trust in Sub Solution is Clear Choice. Clear Choice is a company that makes the Sub Solution urine for more than 20 years. The simple fact that they have been successful for 20+ years is a great testament to the quality of Clear Choice’s synthetic urine.

Price Of Sub Solution (Driven By Yearly Updates)

What really needs to be said is that Sub Solution costs $80. Buying cheap synthetic urine for $40 might be tempting, I know, but you should really think twice about buying the cheap stuff.

Compared to Clear Choice, cheap fake pee kits don’t really have a long track record. More often than not, they create a big batch of synthetic urine with the same formulation that doesn’t update for years.

The formulation needs to be updated every year because the standards of ‘Urine Authenticity’ tests change every year. That’s the test that tries to catch the use of synthetic urine (and it’s vital your synthetic urine beats it).

The reason for the higher price of Sub Solution are the yearly updates. Every year Clear Choice reviews their formulation and adjusts the pH, specific gravity, and, most importantly, the concentration of three key ingredients found in clean urine: urea, uric acid, and creatinine.

That’s how they have managed to stay two steps ahead of the drug testing ‘Authenticity test’ for more than 20 years.

What is truly essential is that when you do decide to use synthetic urine, you opt for something like Sub Solution that is guaranteed not to fail. You can buy it at the official Sub Solution store here.

It would be a shame to put your future on the line just to have some bucks.

Verdict: Obviously Works (Best Synthetic Urine To Use)

If you decided to use synthetic urine, you really want to pick the surest synthetic urine. By updating their mixture every year, Clear Choice has created the most trusted synthetic urine kit – the Sub Solution.

Sub Solution has worked for more than 20 years for every kind of weed user out there. Probably the best review of Sub Solution we’ve found was also the most to the point:

“Dis a good shit”.

Nuff said, where can you get the stuff?

Sub Solution is sold by the official retailer Test Negative. They do offer lightning-fast shipping for everybody who needs to pass a drug test on short notice.

Just do everything according to the instructions that come with the Sub Solution and you’ll be alright. Good luck!

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