Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse 32oz Review: When Does It Work?

Right now you’re probably stressing out about the upcoming drug test. Either you just need to pass it to start a new job or you just need to pass it to keep your job.

You’re probably not 100% sure if you will pass a drug test. Why is that? Well, because you’re 100% sure you might have smoked a bit too much weed (or vaped, or edibles, or pens, you know how this goes).

Obviously, even the biggest weed lovers are passing drug tests every day. But you’re still not sure if you’re safe. That’s because you also know that a ton of people fails a drug test every day and the consequences of that aren’t pretty. In fact, they are devastating.

job drug testing and fired employee
That’s the ‘You’re fired’ talk and walk of shame nobody is looking forward to.

You really want to end up in the camp that passed a drug test. The Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse really seems like a good idea, right? But is it, though?

We’re going to look at what makes the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse 32oz (the big one) one of the favorite detox drinks for guys who want to pass a drug test. Clear Choice, the maker of Rescue Cleanse, has been in drug passing business for 25+ years. Obviously, they’re doing something right.

However, ‘favorite’ doesn’t equal ‘it’s gonna work for everybody all the time’. That doesn’t mean that is it not effective; thousands of people have already passed the test with the help of Rescue Cleanse detox.

We will reveal for what kind of weed enthusiasts the Clear Choice’s drink works. That also means we’ll point out for whom it doesn’t work.

Quick example: If you’re a heavy chronic smoker burning through a quarter of weed every week, just 32oz of detox drink will probably not save you. This is not a magic drink or synthetic urine that guarantees a chronic weed smoker to pass.

So when does Rescue Cleanse work?

In What Situations Does Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Work?

Obviously, if you smoke weed every day, just a 32oz drink won’t make much of a difference. Or at least not significant enough difference for you to be calm and collected when taking a drug test.

However, despite being ‘only’ a detox drink, Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse works for certain smokers. Which ones?

In short, it works for light and moderate smokers. Casual puffers if you will. Weekend vapers. You get the idea.

People who smoke 2-4 joints/week (or equivalent THC quantity from vapes, edibles, pens, etc.) will usually pass a drug test in a natural way in 2-3 weeks anyway.

The Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is perfect for these ‘weekend smokers’. If you use the whole 32oz bottle correctly (we’ll go through the instructions in a second), you can pass a drug test next week with ease.

clear choice rescue cleanse review
The Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse works for light and moderate marijuana smokers. You can buy the detox drink here.

Again, if you are a heavy user or just smoked a single joint (please do observe the ‘puff puff pass’ etiquette if you’re doing it with friends), the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is either not enough of you don’t really need it.

Of course, it is vital you follow the Rescue Cleanse 32oz instructions to the letter. In such a way, you will prepare your body (well, your urine) to be able to pass the test.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Instructions

The instructions are not as simple as ‘here, drink this, pass the drug test’. They’re a bit more complicated – here are the step-by-step instructions of how to use the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse:

  1. Abstain from all the weed products at least 48h before using the detox drink.
  2. Don’t eat or drink 4h before drinking it.
  3. Drink the whole 32oz bottle in one go and wait for 1h.
  4. During this 1h you’ll urinate like Niagara falls. That’s the point – the THC is leaving your body.
  5. Give your urine sample 1h-6h after drinking the whole bottle. That’s the 5-hour safe zone you have to catch.

That’s pretty much it. Be aware that the 4th step – the whole urination part – can be quite intensive. Make sure you’ll be near a toilet before you drink it. You’ll thank me later.

How Does Rescue Cleanse Even Work?

Rescue Cleanse works by reducing the THC metabolite concentration (THC-COOH) in your urine; without lowering the concentration of all other chemicals that are naturally present in clean human urine.

The majority of other detox drinks just dilute your urine. People who dilute their urine for drug tests by drinking gallons of water + detox pills always fail the ‘Urine Authenticity Test’. That’s the test that checks if urine is diluted or not.

Rescue Cleanse only dilutes the weed concentration in your urine. All other naturally occurring chemicals such as uric acid, urea, and creatinine stay pretty much the same.

The ability to pass both the ‘Drug Test’ and ‘Urine Authenticity Test’ is precisely what makes the Rescue Cleanse the #1 detox drink for drug tests.

Where Can You Buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse?

Rescue Cleanse is made (and sold) by Clear Choice. The industry behind these detox drinks is pretty dynamic; new players come and go pretty quickly because many detox drinks don’t achieve the desired effect (to put it mildly).

The Clear Choice, however, was established in 1993 and they have been in the industry for more than 25 years. In fact, they are the most successful company making detox drinks. Just the fact that they have 25 years of successfully helping people pass drug tests is a nice achievement.

The Rescue Cleanse 32oz of their most successful detox drink to date. They have partnered up with an online retailer TestNegative which enabled the distribution via FedEx all across the US.

If you’re a light or moderate smoker looking to buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, you can buy it from the official TestNegative store here.

Verdict: So Does It Work Or Not?

Considering everything that’s been said, the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is not a ‘magic potion’ that chronic heavy smokers could use to pass a drug test.

However, if you’re a casual smoker who doesn’t light up more than 4 joints per week, the Clear Choice is just the perfect thing to pass a drug test. The vital thing is to follow the instructions to the letter.

In such a way, you can guarantee yourself that coveted 5-hour window in which you can pass a drug test.

All in all, the Rescue Cleanse’s big 32oz bottle is the best thing that the detox drinks industry has ever produced. So kudos for that!

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