Oral Clear Gum 2023 Review: Is It Really Worth $95?

Of all the drug tests, the mouth swab drug test is by far the most backstabbing one. Literally, everybody can be tested at any time and face the consequences of drug use in mere minutes.

The Oral Clear gum is a clear solution for this workplace paranoia.

Pretty much everybody who is afraid they will get tested walks to work with the Oral Clear gum in their bag. That’s called being prepared.

It’s not even that hard to understand why. This is pretty much the only gum that can guarantee you to pass a saliva drug test.

Here’s how it works: Within 30 seconds of chewing it, the antioxidants in it neutralize the drugs and drug metabolites. In effect, they clear your saliva of all test-positive drug molecules for up to 30 minutes.

We’ll cover how the gum works and, even more importantly, how to use it below.

But what really needs to be addressed in every review of Oral Clear gum is why it has such a high price. I mean, it’s one gum and it costs $95? That does seem to be somewhat excessive for a single gum, right?

Here’s how one guy on marijuana forum Grasscity spelled the Oral Clear review out:

review of oral clear gum on a forum

As you can see, the high cost of the gum is usually outweighed by its effectiveness. In fact, the Oral Clear neutralizing gum is pretty much the only truly foolproof way to pass a saliva drug test.

In short, it is so expensive because it’s so effective. And it does give you peace of mind knowing that you’re ready for that deep-throat with a mouth swab. Here’s how the gum looks like:

best way to pass a saliva drug test
The Oral Clear gum is pretty much the only foolproof way to pass a saliva drug test. You can buy the gum here.

Let’s first answer if the Oral Clear gum works and what is its mechanism of action:

Does Oral Clear Gum Work?

The gum itself wouldn’t be worth anything if it wouldn’t work, right?

I mean, if a piece of normal chewing gum could do the job, why bother with the Oral Clear?

The whole point of the neutralizing gum is that it does what no other gum can – completely clear your saliva for a drug test.

Here is how that goes down. This is a testimony by another guy who passed a saliva drug test with Oral Clear (zoom in a bit to read the review):

saliva drug test passed with oral clear gum

What the gum really does, chemically speaking, is to use antioxidants to clear your mouth completely.

But hey, doesn’t Listerine or just brushing your teeth do that as well? Well, not well enough.

Listerine and brushing your teeth like crazy are two lightweight ways of how to pass the saliva test (You can check the whole article about How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test With 4 Methods here).

The heavyweight method of passing a drug test is the use of neutralizing gum.

How To Use The Neutralizing Gum?

Even the gum is useless if you don’t use it correctly. The correct use ensures the full efficacy of the Oral Clear gum.

In order to use it correctly, you really need to know just two things:

  1. Chew it for 30 seconds. Cover every part of your mouth with the juices flowing from the gum.
  2. Take the saliva test within 30 minutes of chewing it. The first 10 minutes is when the gum is at its peak efficacy.

When you get that pat on the should and the ‘Hey, come with me, you are randomly selected for a saliva drug test’, just excuse yourself to the bathroom, to the photocopier, whatever.

Pick your secretly stashed gum from your bag and proceed to chew it for 30 seconds. Spit it out. Come back from the toilet/photocopier/whatever. Take the test ASAP.

If done correctly, you have nothing to fear. Just don’t freeze like a deer in the headlights and you’ll be just fine.

Why It Costs $95?

The Oral Clear gum really has only one drawback, and it’s a pretty major one. It costs whooping $95.

That does seem quite an outrageous price for a piece of gum. However, you’re not really buying it because it’s a gum, right?

The whole gum probably costs less than $1 to produce.

But, if you think about it, you’re not buying the gum. You’re buying the effect. And the effect is there.

Passing a saliva drug test is not all that easy. Because the test is so fast, you really do have limited options of how to act. The gum is pretty much the only thing you do have time for and the best gum is the Oral Clear.

All things considered, the gum itself is not worth $95. But its effect of passing a drug test makes it worth it for the majority of people. Hell, some folks who failed a drug test and had to face the consequences would pay $1,000 for it if they could turn the time back.

The Oral Clear is sold by the official TestNegative retailer and you can buy it here.

Verdict: Maybe Its The Best $95 You Ever Spent

The whole problem is that there is so much you can lose if you fail a drug test.

The high price of the neutralizing gum is not really because of the gum itself. It’s pretty much the price for a secure future.

It’s better to be ready and prepared than randomly selected and unprepared.

In any case, we wish you the best of luck no matter in what situation you find yourself in.

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