Detoxify Mega Clean Reviews 2023: Why So Popular?

Why is it that pretty much everybody who’s not certain they’ll pass a drug test is thinking to do the Mega Clean detox thing? The detox drink by Detofixy is the most popular detox drink for passing a drug test.

Obviously, no one wants to fail a drug test. The detox drinks like Detoxify Mega Clean are the easiest way of boosting your chances in that particular area. There must be more than 100 different drinks out there that promise exactly the same thing:

“Drink this, pass the drug test.”

But how come everybody knows the Mega Clean drink? You can talk to anybody who needed to pass a drug test in the past and he or she will know about Mega Clean. Here’s an example from Grasscity forum:

detoxify mega clean review by grasscity
Literally everybody wants to ‘up their game’ with Mega Clean, even people who use the strongest Toxin Rid 10 day detox.

How exactly did this drink become the most popular detox drink among 100s of other detox drinks?

If I’ve learned anything when it comes to how to pass a drug test, it’s that all the sketchy bad products don’t become popular. When a detox drink becomes popular it’s not because of its sex appeal or exceptionally great taste. It becomes popular because it works.

If you had a multiple choice question of “Why is Detoxify Mega Clean so popular?”, what would be your answer?

A) Sex appeal, obviously.

B) Delicious tropical flavor. Can’t get enough of that mango scent, man.

C) Because it can actually help you pass a drug test.

Apparently, popular detox drinks should be effective, right? To test this, we’ll go through the Detoxify Mega Clean review to see if it really works or not.

What Is Detoxify Mega Clean?

Mega Detox is basically the most popular detox drink. It has been around for more than 10 years. It is one of the best detox drinks if you have problems with needing to pass a drug test.

Ingredients that don’t do much: If you check the ingredient list, Mega Clean is not all that different from all other detox drinks (even the ones for losing weight and similar BS). You’ll find minerals, vitamins, even some niacin which studies have proven to help with toxin elimination. It even has a tropic fruit flavor. Cool, right, but not truly effective.

Ingredients that actually work: The truly important things – the ones that made Mega Detox so popular – are the root extracts. Extracts from Burdock root and Uva Ursi leaves, for example, are natural diuretics. They clean your urinary tract and it’s exactly these extracts that make the Detoxify Mega Clean effective for urine drug tests:

mega clean ingredients and bottle
Herbal extracts are what makes the Mega Clean so effective for drug tests. You can buy the 32oz bottle it here.

The cumulative effect of drinking the 32oz bottle is quite impressive. You will pee like crazy. However, you really have to read the instructions on how to use it. Here is the quick step-by-step:

  1. Don’t smoke weed at least 2 days before drinking the bottle.
  2. Drink Detoxify Mega Clean (all 32oz) in one go about 3 hours before the drug test.
  3. You’ll pee like crazy for 1h. After that 1h, you’re clear for an additional 4 hours. Take the drug test during this time interval.

When Does Mega Clean Work?

All these herbal extracts are effective but does that mean you’ll pass every drug test? Not really.

The reason Mega Clean works for some and it doesn’t for others is simple:

Chronic smokers have too much THC to be cleansed with a simple detox drink.

Casual smokers, however, will pass a drug test because the amount of THC they have in their system can be cleansed out with just a detox drink.

In the following case, you can see a guy who smoked 10 days ago passed a drug test with Mega Clean:

mega clean 2019 review got the job

Obviously, if he would be a heavy chronic smoker, the detox drink alone would not be enough. Or at least it wouldn’t be enough to pass the test comfortably.

Can You Avoid Using Mega Clean And Still Pass A Drug Test?

The best thing would be to avoid detox drinks altogether, right? Just drinking gallons of water and hoping that all this drug testing thing will blow over.

Sadly, that’s just wishful thinking. There are many things in life you don’t have control over. Fortunately, you can do something to pass a drug test.

Getting a good detox drink is the least you can do to ensure your immediate future doesn’t get messy. The Mega Clean by Detoxify is one of the best detox drinks you can use. Doing some cardio, eating healthy, and even visiting a sauna in the days before the drug test can’t hurt either.

If you really need to pass the test, you can buy the Mega Clean from the official store here. Just be aware that if you’re a heavy smoker, even Mega Clean won’t make much of a difference. Moderate and casual marijuana users, on the other hand, should have little problems with the test if they follow the instructions.

Verdict Of The Test – It Will Work (But Not For Everybody)

The diuretic root and leaf extract in the Mega Clean will help moderate smokers to pass a drug test. The Detoxify detox is so popular because most people are casual smokers and they do find it effective.

However, there are two groups of users for whom Detoxify Mega Clean is useless. These are:

  1. One-time smokers who have smoked their 1 joint more than 10 days ago. You will pass a drug test even with a detox drink.
  2. Heavy chronic users. You do need something stronger; Toxin Rid, for example, is a good idea.

In any way, your future is in your hands. Best luck with the drug test!

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