Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox 2023 Review: Does Toxin Rid Really Work?

Trying to find a really good marijuana detox program on the internet is like finding a needle in a haystack (or enough weed in the carpet for that one joint). With so much info out there, there are not many things people who passed a drug test can agree on, except this one:

The one thing that repeatedly comes up is the sheer effectiveness of Toxin Rid detox kits; especially the strongest Toxin Rid 10-Day detox kit. Drinking water and exercising alone usually don’t flush the THC out of our system quickly enough.

According to a forum from 420 Magazine, it’s not really a question if Toxin Rid works or not. It’s more about how much (3-Day, 5-Day, 10-Day) you need. Here is an excerpt from a guy who passed a drug test with 10-Day Toxin Rid detox:

assessment of how 10 day toxin rid works

The Toxin Rid 10-Day program seems to be the unbeatable detox for passing a drug test. But it does have two drawbacks:

  1. The reason for being much more effective than detox drink is that it makes you (literally) sh*t the THC out. This involves a lot of toilet visits in the span of 10 days.
  2. It costs almost $200. That’s way too much any of us would like to spend to pass a drug test naturally, but not getting the job or losing one will cost us even more.

That’s why we decided to look in if Toxin Rid really works, what kind of program a one time smoker or a chronic smoker would need and if it’s actually worth the high price tag. As you’ll see, we did find a middle path that makes much more sense than spending $200 for 10 days of heavy sh*tting.

But lets first address the main question:

Does Toxin Rid Work? (And How)

By far the most important question is if the Toxin Rid works or not. You can find people who passed a drug test with flying colors to chronic smokers who failed a drug test despite using Toxin Rid.

So how it is that some passed a drug test with Toxin Rid and others didn’t? Where’s the catch and how can you use Toxin Rid to actually pass the test?

In both cases, the detox works in the same way. It speeds up the THC elimination from your body by:

  1. Increased defecation with 150 pre-rid pills. More of THC is eliminated via feces (which is also the primary route of THC elimination, by the way). According to studies, more than 60% of THC is eliminated via feces but the Toxin Rid program is essentially the only one that makes you sh*t it out more.
  2. Increased urination. Similar to all detox drinks.
10 day toxin rid
Full 10-Day Toxin Rid program includes 150 pre-rid pills, 1 oz of dietary fiber and 1 oz of detox liquid. You can buy the whole kit here.

What it really comes down to is exactly what guys from the street who passed a drug test tell you – you have to be honest about what kind of smoker you are.

If you are a chronic smoker for years and expect that 3-Day detox will help you, you have another thing coming. THC detox doesn’t really reward cutting corners. However, if you are a moderate smoker, a 5-Day detox might be a smart choice but it’s not the strongest detox.

The strongest one is the 10-Day Toxin Rid detox. Does it guarantee that a 300 lbs chronic smoker will pass a drug test in 10 days? Not at all.

However, if you are a moderate smoker or even a daily smoker with less than 250 pounds, the strongest Toxin Rid program is pretty much the surest way of passing a drug test.

Here is a lady who is a daily smoker and passed the test using the 10-Day detox:

review of 10 day toxin rid program

The vital thing is to follow the instructions you get with the program. All Toxin Rid programs are made by TestClear, they’ve been selling it for more than 20 years and they must be doing something right. You can check the instructions and buy the 10-Day Toxin Rid here.

Let’s see in which cases the strongest Toxin Rid program works and in which it doesn’t:

When Does Toxin Rid Work?

If you are really looking to spend almost $200 on this detox, you pretty much want to know if it will work for your specific situation.

Here’s where the honesty comes in:

If you’re a heavy chronic smoker with high total body fat (THC is stored in fat tissue), even the strongest 10-Day Toxin Rid might not be enough.

However, if you have more than 10 days until a drug test and you are a moderate or even an everyday THC user, the detox program is a good idea.

Does everybody need to just sign-up for a 10-Day detox and ensure 10 full days of frequent toilet visits? Not really.

If you smoke a joint every day, yes, the 10-Day program will save you.

However, if you only smoke weed on weekends or on special occasions, the 5-Day detox is more than enough. Here’s a guy who was a casual smoker for years and managed to pass a drug test within 12 days:

testimony of how 5 day toxin rid detox works

The 5-Day detox is the most commonly used one because the majority of people are casual smokers. Obviously, it’s very important to follow the instructions. You can find the instructions and buy the 5-Day detox here. It’s sold by

An for all those first-time smokers who are petrified that they’ll test positive for marijuana after one joint; don’t worry. A single joint will leave your body in less than a week.

When Toxin Rid Doesn’t Work?

Obviously, the Toxin Rid is not some magical program; it is an intensive detox program. And it some cases, it does misfire.

Here are the cases in which you should avoid Toxin Rid because it might not be enough to pass the drug test:

  1. If you’re a chronic heavy smoker for years and have 250+ lbs.
  2. If you have a drug test in less than 10 days.

The problem that heavy smokers face is that the THC has accumulated in their bodies for years. Extracting it out and flushing it out of your system is a complex process that needs much more time.

That’s why even the strongest 10-Day kit doesn’t do the job, as in this case:

toxin rid doesn't work

A chronic heavy smoker like Nick here can only pass a drug test in two ways: with enough time before a drug test (40+ days) or by using synthetic urine.

Does that mean that Toxin Rid is a scam?

Not at all. Sure, people can be bitter because they haven’t passed the drug test, but it turns out that using Toxin Rid was just a ‘too little too late’ situation for someone who has been a heavy smoker for several years.

The Bottom Line

As we’ve seen, the right question isn’t ‘does Toxin Rid work’. It’s rather ‘will Toxin Rid work in my situation’ and ‘which Toxin Rid program should I pick’.

It the end, it really comes down to being honest with yourself. If you’re a heavy chronic smoker, Toxin Rid might help but it’s not a guarantee to pass. If, however, you’re a casual smoker, using the detox might be your best chance of passing a drug test naturally.

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