The Urinator Device 2024 Review: I Too Was Skeptical (At First)…

In the world of how to pass a drug test, you can see some pretty weird things. From people bleaching their hair to get the weed out to synthetic urine fake penises passing the drug tests Mike Tyson style.

But the No. 1 place for the weirdest trick to pass a drug test goes to the Urinator device. It’s battery-powered heating and carrying device for synthetic urine. I mean, it includes a vinyl IV bag and two 9V Duracell batteries.

It hands down sounds like a device Iron Man would use to pass a drug test. Knowing a thing or two about Robert Downey Jr’s past druggie years, he would pay in gold for anything that could help him in that particular area back in the day.

But surely, he wouldn’t use it, right?

The Urinator looks silly and weird and Robert is a clever guy. Clearly, he would think it doesn’t work, right?


I was just as skeptical about this device before doing the Urinator review. It must be a joke. ‘You’re doing it wrong’ kind of mentality.

But if it works when it comes to drug tests, does it even matter if it looks silly? At the end of the day, when you are against a drug test, you’re willing to do much and more just to pass it.

Surprisingly, the Urinator works exceptionally well. It isn’t only about using a friend’s urine or synthetic urine. The Urinator is all about 2 things:

  • How to carry your fake pee with you (that’s why the vinyl IV bag).
  • How to keep the temperature high enough (if you wondered why it comes with batteries).
man hiding urinator device in his underwear
This guy packin’ the Urinator device in his junk. You can’t really notice the bulge, right?

We’ll look at how this silly device is actually incredibly convenient, how it works and how you can use it to pass a drug test.

We’ll also check the Urinator kit that comes with 3 refills (if you want to avoid asking friends for clean urine) so that you can practice with the device at home with the real stuff before actually going to the lab.

Or you can even use this one Urinator kit for 3 separate tests.

How Does Urinator Actually Work?

All the business of getting clean urine and, even more importantly, smuggling it to the drug test is complex.

Add the fact that you have to keep the urine (friends urine or synthetic urine) warm enough so that it passes as your urine (98F-100F), and you already have a number of things that can go wrong.

The Urinator is designed especially to alleviate you of all of these problems. You get:

  1. Syringe + 3 powdered urine kits. Just mix the kit, use the syringe to inject the clean urine from the kit into the 3oz vinyl IV bag.
  2. Put IV bag in your junk (underwear friendly, bro). It has a tube so you can easily pour the clean urine into the plastic cup (sample collection, done).
  3. Switch the battery-powered heating on. It’ll heat the clean urine to body temperature and you even get a thermometer to see how warm it is. The sweet spot is between 98F and 100F.

This is how the complete Urinator setup looks:

how to use urinator device to pass a drug test
Urinator device comes it the IV bag, syringe, batteries, and 3 powdered urine kit urines. You can buy it here.

The most important thing to remember is that one set of batteries will maintain the perfect temperature for 4 hours. I should say at least 4 hours but you don’t really want to risk for the batteries to be dying on you.

In order to pass a drug test, you should set everything up – your urine in the bag, bag in the underwear – before going to the lab testing facility. The batteries will keep the vinyl bag in your underwear nice and warm (it’s quick a nice feeling actually).

You can practice the syringe-filling part with water or one of the 3 powdered urine kits. Get accustomed to how it works and how you walk normally with the Urinator in your underwear. It can be a bit tricky.

How To Buy The Urinator (And Still Get A Great Deal)?

The retailer selling the packet that includes 3 powdered urine kits is the TestClear shop. They are in this business for 23+ years and have become quite reputable during those years. The fact that they have such a good (and long) history is proof enough.

Now get this: the Urinator device itself is reusable. It’s basically a container with batteries for carrying and heating up clean urine. Just change the batteries and you can pass the next test with the same gear.

Given that you get 3 powdered urine kits in the packet, I would recommend you practice all the ins and out of the Urinator with water, not with powdered urine kits. That’s how you can use the whole package to pass additional 2 drug tests in the future.

The TestClear online retailer offers the Urinator + 3 powdered urine kits for $169.95. You can check it out and buy the Urinator on the official TestClear store here.

Verdict: It Might Look Silly But It Works (So It’s Not Silly?)

I had my reservation before assessing the Urinator the device but the thing is that it’s actually a fantastic device!

You don’t have to ask your friends for clean urine, you don’t have to worry how you’ll keep it work and you can just jam in down your trunks. It’s beautiful AND it keeps you junk nice and cozy.

Among all the detox drinks that don’t work 100% of the time and synthetic urine kits which also have a bit of risk involved, the Urinator is clearly the most effective and safe choice. Who would have thought something so convenient would look so silly, though.

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